Employee Spotlight: Grant Campbell, Associate Designer

Name: Grant Campbell

From: Tumwater, Washington

Preferred pronouns: He/His/Him

Job Title & Role: Associate Designer

Brief Summary of Role: “I prototype, test, implement, and fix gameplay mechanics.”

What is your favorite video game? Team Fortress 2

What three words describe Crystal Dynamics: Friendly, Exciting, and Inspiring

Why did you choose CD? “I played the original Tomb Raider as a kid, loved the Survivor Trilogy as an adult, and Crystal Dynamics was hiring for an Associate Designer, so I just had to land this role!”

What has been your best adventure since joining CD? “I think my time at Crystal Dynamics has been the best adventure since joining Crystal Dynamics! I always wake up excited about having a career doing what I love, and getting to work with awesome people has made it even better.”

Hobbies: Golfing, Dioramas

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