Employee Spotlight: Jessica Elmore-Snider, UX/UI Producer

Name: Jessica Elmore-Snider

From: Seattle, WA (by way of Oakland, CA)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Role: UX/UI Producer

Brief summary of role: I am responsible for making sure the UX/UI department stays on track across multiple projects here at Crystal.

Favorite Video Game: This is such a tough question! Probably Zelda: Wind Waker

Three words to describe Crystal Dynamics: Welcoming, Engaging, Rewarding

Why did you choose CD?: I had heard great things from folks I’d worked with in the past that had joined the Crystal family as a cohort, and was excited to work with those folks again, and join the Crystal family myself

What has been your greatest adventure since joining Crystal?: Shipping Marvel’s Avengers from home, during a global pandemic!

Hobbies: Sewing, stand up paddleboarding, snail mail/pen pal’ing, printmaking, reading, board gaming, and, of course, video gaming!

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