Employee Spotlight: Lizzie Rose, Environment Artist

Name: Lizzie Rose

From: Wales, UK

Role: Environment Artist

Brief summary of role: “I help bring the Environments in which we explore in video games to life! I utilize art concepts and author them in 3D to be used in our games. I contribute to the environment where your favorite characters roam, making them feel authentic and high quality.”

What’s your favorite video game? “This is an honest answer…….The Tomb Raider Reboot. Tomb Raider was my favorite (and first!) game I ever played as a child. When The Reboot happened, and we got to experience Lara’s origin – it was just perfect. It was everything I wanted and more!”

Three words to describe Crystal: “Inspirational. Contemporary. Inclusive.”

Why did you choose Crystal? “I changed careers later in life. I had always wanted to be an artist as a full-time career, so it was extremely scary but exciting to start something new. I always had my sights set on Crystal Dynamics as a gold standard studio to work for. It was on my “Dream Job” List. It was the first place I applied after completing my master’s degree. I chose Crystal because of its legacy within the gaming industry. The way the studio transformed Lara Croft’s character over the course of many years with such compelling story , art, gameplay and awareness of her origin really speaks to the integrity of a Studio’s goals and aims. To me, it is a place that nurtures its IP, and is a studio that produces exceedingly high-quality products. I felt it was a place I could learn to be the best in my field.”

What has been your greatest adventure since joining Crystal? “My whole career change has been a whirlwind of an adventure in itself here at Crystal! It’s one that my whole team have been on with me – The best thing so far has been having mentorship and growth in my skills from the industry best for sure.  My Art Leads are extremely talented artists. They have been so inspirational to me as a newcomer to this field. Every day here feels like I’m learning something new and exciting about game development,  it’s a real honor to work with my team. I feel Crystal invests in its future, nurturing growth from all levels of experience; from grass roots to the very top.”

Hobbies: “I’m a figure skater! I am currently training to compete, so usually if I’m not with my sketchbook I’m skating at the Ice Rink!”

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