Unsolicited Idea and Content Submission Policy

Crystal Dynamics is constantly developing new products and services.  Because of this, Crystal Dynamics may sometimes develop something similar to something you independently created.  Crystal Dynamics has adopted the following policy to avoid potential misunderstandings and disputes.

Crystal Dynamics, and its employees and contractors, do not accept, review, or consider any unsolicited ideas, works, materials, proposals, feedback, suggestions, or similar submissions, including but not limited to submissions relating to or consisting of games, films, television shows, videos, audio, music, scores, images, drawings, artwork, sketches, written materials, novels, stories, scripts, storyboards, treatments, comics, plots, dialogue, characters, settings, scenes, textures, designs, source code, object code, inventions, concepts, plans, marketing concepts, product names or titles, or any other ideas, works, intellectual property, or materials (collectively “Material”). 

Do not submit any unsolicited Material to Crystal Dynamics or its employees or contactors

If you nevertheless send Material to Crystal Dynamics or its employees or contractors, you agree that the following terms will apply regardless of any contrary or additional terms you may seek to apply:

  1. You submitted the Material to Crystal Dynamics at your sole discretion; Crystal Dynamics did not solicit the disclosure.
  2. The Materials, and all related intellectual property rights, automatically become property of Crystal Dynamics immediately upon submission. 
  3. Receipt or acceptance of your Material imposes no obligations on Crystal Dynamics.  For example, Crystal Dynamics has no obligation to keep the Material confidential.
  4. Crystal Dynamics may use or redistribute the Material (including any ideas therein) for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without restriction, and without paying any compensation to you or to any third party.
  5. Crystal Dynamics has no obligation to review, keep, acknowledge, or return the Material.  Crystal Dynamics may destroy or discard the Material at any time without notice.
  6. You are not submitting the Material for sale to Crystal Dynamics.  Crystal Dynamics’s consideration or use of the Material is not conditioned on payment to you.
  7. You confirm that you are authorized to submit the Materials to Crystal Dynamics, that your submission does not include the confidential information, proprietary know-how, trade secrets, or other intellectual property of any other person or entity, and that the Materials and your submission of them does not otherwise violate any law, regulation, or any right of any person or entity.

Crystal Dynamics may modify this Policy at any time by updating this website.  Otherwise, this Policy may not be modified or waived except in a written document that expressly references this policy and that is signed by a duly authorized officer of Crystal Dynamics.

Please note that this Policy is about unsolicited submissions to Crystal Dynamics and its employees and contractors; if you’re looking for information on creating fan content about a Crystal Dynamics game, please see our Fan Content Policy.

Last Updated: April 16, 2024