Job Scams & Phishing Attempts


Occasionally, individuals with deceitful intentions will create fake emails or websites designed to try and present themselves as employees or contractors working for Crystal Dynamics and our affiliate studios.

These may be attempts to steal or solicit your sensitive personal information, such as passwords and banking details. These tactics, sometimes referred to as phishing or spoofing, are commonly associated with job scams preying on job seekers.

If you receive an email or direct message from someone who claims to represent Crystal Dynamics, or you are directed to a website that looks like it’s from Crystal Dynamics while you are being asked to provide confidential information, then please exercise caution and utilize the tips below:

Identify fraudulent emails & websites

Fraudulent messages can often include the Crystal Dynamics logo, and fake email addresses in the “From” line. They may contain text that seems like it’s from official communications, such as job offer notifications or project updates.

They may use the names of past or current Crystal Dynamics employees taken from public professional profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn to further represent themselves as legitimate, or use false job listings to collect application info that never reaches our own systems for consideration.

These are just a few of the tactics used by fraudsters to trick you into providing personal information we would never request.

Check for legitimaCy

Fraudulent emails might contain links to fake web pages or job posts designed to harvest your personal information. They may also include attachments of files that might contain viruses and malware. Do not click on links in any email links or attachments if you’re unsure of its authenticity.

A legitimate link to Crystal Dynamics will start with:

If you click a link that takes you to a page that looks like ours but does not start with these addresses, it’s likely a fraudulent page and should be closed immediately.

Check for official Crystal Dynamics Email domains

Fraudulent emails might come from domains that look similar to ours, such as,, or These are not official Crystal Dynamics email domains.

All legitimate emails from Crystal Dynamics will only come from the following domains:

  • in cases if you have ever applied to one of the open jobs on our careers page

If an email is not sent from one of these addresses, it’s likely not from Crystal Dynamics and we recommend exercising caution.

Additionally, Crystal Dynamics does not utilize direct messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger to communicate with potential candidates for employment, and we will never ask you to use such platforms during the interview and selection process.

Check the website address

Be vigilant for misspellings in our company’s name or in the website address. This will typically indicate that the website is not genuine.

Check for a lock icon in your browser

You can verify if a website is secure by looking for a lock icon in your browser’s address bar or an “https” at the beginning of the URL, ensuring that there is an “s”. All of Crystal Dynamics’ websites will show this icon and have the “s” for secure access.

If this icon isn’t present or it’s just “http” without the “s”, then your connection to the website isn’t secure and you should avoid entering any personal information.

Be wary of tOne

Fraudulent emails and websites often convey an urgent tone, threatening consequences like job offer withdrawals or project suspensions if you do not click a link or provide certain information immediately.

If something truly important requires your attention, then it will typically be communicated directly to you through our official methods and email domains.

Report suspicious Emails & websites to Crystal Dynamics

If you encounter a web page designed to look like it’s from Crystal Dynamics, or communications from someone you believe to be falsely presenting themselves as representatives of Crystal Dynamics, please reach out to us.

You can contact us through our official contact page at This helps us track and address false job scams and phishing attempts.

For more information on how to avoid job scams and phishing attempts, please visit the FTC website.