Sharing Stories: Recognizing World Refugee Day at Crystal Dynamics

At Crystal Dynamics, we are more than game developers; we are storytellers. Today on World Refugee Day, join us and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) – a global humanitarian organization that helps people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover and rebuild their lives – in acknowledging the transformative power of refugees’ stories worldwide. Behind the staggering number of 120 million displaced people are unique individuals with personal tales of resilience, courage, and hope. Every number has a story.  

Even as we observe the large scale of displacement around the world, we find hope in the people. Faiza Habibu is one among millions of displaced people, but her story – and her numbers – are unique. Faiza, a 60-year-old fish farmer in Nigeria, lost her husband earlier this year, leaving her to provide for their eight children. Faiza signed up to receive anticipatory cash support from the International Rescue Committee. These funds are designed to be distributed before climate shocks like flooding and droughts. With the money she received, Faiza bought maize for farming and paid the school fees for all eight of her children. 

“When I received these funds, things started to get better,” shared Faiza. “We have seen light and happiness – both my children and I, because things are so much better. I started a [fish farming] business with the remaining money. That will help my children’s education – when they need pencils, pens, books or uniforms. When it’s time to pay school fees, I will use the profit to pay these.”  

Faiza’s story reflects the experiences of millions of people worldwide in countries most affected by climate shocks but that have contributed the least to the cause of the global climate crisis. These stories are not just numbers; they are narratives of survival and rebuilding lives against the odds and with our support. 

At Crystal Dynamics, we are proud to collaborate with the IRC on World Refugee Day to help amplify the stories of refugees and ask our community to join us in raising awareness and driving positive change in the world. Check out some of our other content highlighting refugee stories: 

Together, we can make a difference by recognizing the shared humanity that connects us all. This World Refugee Day, look beyond the numbers to recognize the unique stories of refugees around the world. 

Join us by directly donating to the International Rescue Committee and help spread awareness of the #WorldRefugeeDay campaign on social media and within your own community.