Celebrating PRIDE with our Community

Happy PRIDE!

If you are a part of the Tomb Raider fandom, you know that we have a large LGBTQ+ community at the heart of everything we do. To celebrate PRIDE, we want to give a platform to these pillars of our community to share their stories and raise awareness for important LGBTQ+ causes.

Additionally, Crystal Dynamics is matching employee donations to the It Gets Better Project throughout the month of June – a great organization with a mission is to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe.

Check out our community spotlights below!

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Raymond Croft

First up is a familiar face – Raymond Croft. He shared with us how Lara inspired him to write his own story, and highlights & highlights the essential work the Marsha P. Johnson Institute does for the Black trans community.

We’ve made a donation to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute in Ray’s name. You can make your own donation here.

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Noelle Adams

Noelle Adams explains how things don’t always go how we plan – and that’s okay. We’ve made a donation to Trans Lifeline in Noelle’s name. You can do so too here.

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Meagan Marie

In addition to showcasing our fans, we’re using #PRIDE. to celebrate our colleagues across the globe. Crystal Dynamics Sr. Community Manager Meagan Marie shares how the Tomb Raider fandom inspired her to be visible, & spotlights Regard’s work for the disabled LGBTQ+ community. We’ve made a donation to Regard in Meagan’s name. You can support the imperative work they do here

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Harry

Community member Harry shares how the Tomb Raider fandom made him feel less alone. He also raises awareness of the LGBT Foundation, which “delivers services, advice and support for LGBT people in England.” We’ve made a donation in Harry’s name – you can support the LGBT Foundation yourself here

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Lady of Rohan

“She’s strong and independent, & in her own words she ‘makes her own luck.’ Especially as a gay woman, that’s exactly how I’ve strove to live my life.” Lady of Rohan shares how Lara’s outlook has inspired her & brings light to the Trevor Project’s support for LGBTQ youth.  We’ve made a donation to Trevor Project in Lindsey’s name. To learn more about The Trevor Project and how they are helping LGBTQ youth in crisis and suicide prevention 24/7, or to make a donation – please visit their website!

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Ed Perkins

Square Enix Director of Mobile Publishing Ed Perkins shares how he made many new friends in the LGBTQIA+ community through Tomb Raider, and raises awareness or The Outside Project –  a shelter and refuge for those within the community who feel endangered. We’ve made a donation to The Outside Project in Ed’s name. You can support their work here.

PRIDE Community Spotlight: Kilian

Official fansite writer Kilian shares how Lara’s strength inspired him to open up to his family. Killian is raising awareness for The Trevor Project, which is an important resource for LGBTQ+ teens in crisis. We’ve made a donation to The Trevor Project in Kilian’s name. You can make your own donation here.

PRIDE Community Spotlight: DJ Croft

In our final PRIDE community spotlight, DJ Croft shares how Lara Croft welcomed him into her world during a challenging time in his life, and features the vital work the Human Rights Campaign does to support the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve made a donation to the Human Rights Campaign in DJ’s name. You can make your own donation here.

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