2024 Summer Internship

FAQ Overview

Students and recent graduates are vital to our innovation and growth. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our internship program.

Q: When and how long will the internship take place?

A: The internship is a 12-week program that runs from May to August. The exact date will vary year over year. Please see this years application for more information.

Q: Where will the internship be located?

A: The internship will be located onsite at one of our studios in either Bellevue, WA or San Mateo, CA. Specific details for the location of each internship will be included in the job description/application.

Q: Will this be a paid internship?

A: Yes, the internship will be paid. Hourly rates for each position will be detailed on the job description.

Q: What are we expecting an intern to do?

A: Interns will be selected based on the teams and projects that align with our current project needs. Specific responsibilities and expectations for each intern will be outlined in the job description for the internship position you apply for. This will provide valuable hands-on experience within your chosen field at our studio.

Q: Does Crystal Dynamics have a dress code?

A: At Crystal Dynamics, we believe that creativity thrives when you can be yourself. That’s why we encourage you to wear what makes you comfortable and confident, as long as it’s within the bounds of professionalism and respect for others. Whether it’s casual wear or your favorite gaming tee, feel free to showcase your individuality. Just remember, any attire that could be considered offensive or inappropriate is not allowed.

Q: How do I apply?

A: To apply for an internship, please visit our careers page, where you will find detailed information on our current internship openings and the application process. Please note that incomplete applications or attempts to submit outside of the careers page will not be accounted for. We look forward to receiving your application!

Q: What can I do to make my application stand out from the crowd?

A: To make your application stand out, focus on tailoring your resume to the specific internship role you’re interested in and put together a thoughtful cover letter. Highlight any relevant experience or coursework related to game development and consider including a well-organized portfolio if it showcases your skills effectively. Emphasize your ability to work collaboratively in teams, stay informed about industry trends and the studio’s projects, and ensure your application materials are error-free and professional. If you have references who can vouch for your skills, consider including them. Lastly, closely follow application instructions and be thoroughly prepared for interviews, demonstrating your passion and suitability for the role.

Q: Do I need a degree?

A: At Crystal Dynamics, we value diverse backgrounds, including various levels of education and experience. A university degree is not a strict requirement for all full-time positions. However, if you’re interested in our 2024 internship program, you must at the very least be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university. This is subject to change in following years.

Q: Is there a possibility for an intern to become a full-time employee?

A: We value the potential of our interns and their contributions to our projects. While we do consider interns for full-time positions, the decision is based on our current business needs and the individual’s performance during the internship. We encourage interns to excel in their roles and explore future opportunities with us.

Q: What perks and benefits does Crystal Dynamics offer to interns?

A: Interns at Crystal Dynamics enjoy a range of perks and benefits. These include competitive compensation, access to industry professionals, networking opportunities, and a supportive learning environment. Additionally, interns will be eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits and have access to unlimited snacks in the office! Detailed information about these perks and benefits will be provided to successful candidates during the onboarding process.

Q: If I’m not eligible for the program at this time, can I be considered for any future internship programs?

A: If you are not eligible for the program at this time, we encourage you to keep an eye on our future internship opportunities. We regularly assess our needs and welcome talented individuals to apply when suitable positions become available.