In celebrating Black History Month, a core goal for Crystal Dynamics is to support Black game dev and Black communities in the industry and beyond. While vocal support is impactful, it can be bolstered with charitable donations, direct purchases, and awareness of effort for Black owned companies and organizations.  Last year for Juneteenth we made […]
Happy Black History month!  It’s a new year, which means Vanesa is here with a new wave of Black Excellence!  This year, we’re focusing on Black devs, Black employees, and what Black legacy looks like in gaming.  We’re kicking things off with Derrick Fields, the owner of Waking Oni Games and a professor at Northwestern […]
Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Vanessa, gearing up for the long holiday – which many of us use as a time to relax, sit back, and tackle that growing pile of great games released each year! While Christmas traditions are common in the United States and have become popular worldwide, we often say ‘Happy Holidays’ to […]
A NEW GROUP OF CAMPERS BUILT GAMES FROM SCRATCH AND ENJOYED DAILY SPEAKER SESSIONS FROM THE WOMEN AT CRYSTAL DYNAMICS AND ITS PARTNERS. A little girl in a tie-dye shirt leans against a standing desk that’s half her height, listening as her friend shares progress on the game she’s making. Somewhere else, another girl doodles […]
To mark World Refugee Day this year we sat down to chat with Senka Filipovic – Associate Director of Gaming at the International Rescue Committee – and Lual Mayen – a game developer from South Sudan – to highlight how refugees are changemakers shaping the future of communities big and small in extraordinary ways. Please enjoy our chat below, and feel […]
Happy Juneteenth! Here at Crystal Dynamics, it’s important to us that we continue to uplift communities outside of specific holidays and celebrations. Which is why for this Juneteenth we wanted to focus on a little bit of the history of this monumental day and share some resources that you as a reader can access to […]